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Sunday, 23 March 2014


Brahms' German Requiem  - CCS - March 22nd 2014, 
West Rd Concert Hall, Cambridge

When unwell, you almost forget what "being normal" is.  Last night I was given a lift to my wife's Brahms concert and most people were totally unaware of my current disabilities.  I am gradually on the mend,  but my biggest issue is wobbliness on walking or doing any activity.  Many (most)  people are totally unaware of this. I hope my brain rewires so this goes with time.

Our good old friends Peter and Chris Branson, came to stay over the weekend and it was them who gave me the lift to the concert. Peter kindly cut our hedges and front lawn and did a pile of weeding (without being asked) - such GOOD kind and generous friends.

See  for details of the Cambridgeshire Choral Society (CCS) including how to join and details of other concerts you might enjoy.

BTW, my wife is the 7th in on the LHS. She is the short lady with short greyish hair (now I am in trouble!) in the 2nd row back.

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