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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Stoke - update

This is an update on my stroke symptoms.

At the moment I get totally exhausted doing anything physically on my feet. This afternoon I cut the rear lawn, but it took an full hour and 4 breaks to do it. Afterwards I was well and truly "cream crackered"! I still get giddy when walking although I think this is a little better when on my feet but not moving. Turning quickly also makes me giddy. My other main symptom is a sickness feeling in my stomach and throat that is perhaps more like indigestion. I am still not sure if my medication make this any better.  My liquid feed (via stomach peg)  is now down to 200ml (over 2 hours) a day and, if my weight is maintained, down to nil the week after next.  My sense of taste is mixed up: some foods taste normal.but my taste of sweet and sour is scrambled. Yogurts,toothpaste, fromage frais, tirramasu all taste bitter, now. Tea without sugar tastes sweet! I have no idea if this will ever improve.

Overall I still feel I am getting better slowly, but I still suffer with the above symptoms and get very fatigued very easily.  I am desparate to get my health back to normal, but realise my recovery is going to take far longer than I would wish. It is getting my wife down - it is hard for her too.

One thing I have found out is who your real friends are. Some of the "showy" public Christians have been noticeble by their total lack of interest in my health and well being. Other people have been genuinely kind and helpful. I shall be forever grateful to these good folk. Don't go by outward show: the real friends stick with you for better or worse. One lady I hardly knew broke down in tears when he heard of my illness - bless her. Some people comment on how well I look. Indeed I look better than I feel inside or indeed am.

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