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Friday, 2 May 2014

Stroke progress

When I came out of hospital in January I was expecting to get better very quickly. That was early January and we are now early May, almost 4 months later.

Although walking is much better I still have major balance issues best described as feeling like I've just had 8 pints of beer. My eating and drinking by mouth are not that different, especially drinking which I still find hard.  However, I have much less liquid feed directly into my stomach and am eating a larger variety of foods by mouth though.  I must be making progress without realising.

The lesson seems to be to measure progress in many months and not weeks and to be very patient. Progress is slow and in fits and starts.  I have to "hang in there" and not expect to get instantly better. All in its own time. This is not as I expected. Some days I feel I'm actually sliding backwards and this can be disheartening. To be honest, I am very frustrated with the progress.

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