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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Stroke - a further update

Having gone 2 days now without my "morning" pills - 30mg Fastabs, and Domperidone -  I think my sickness feelings are NOT helped by the medication at all. So, I propose to tell my doctor and stop taking them altogether leaving my statins and pregavelin at night.

My sickness has not been too bad lately and I think it may be improving. Giddiness I am less sure about. Walking is generally easier, but I still get giddy on my feet.

Today food and drinks have both gone down well. Dry toast is easier to eat than toast with butter on. I ate a suet pudding and veg at lunch, and chicken and leek soup, toast plus half a Ginsters pasty (soft pastry) for tea. For supper I had a Weetabix and half a banana in milk.

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