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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Stroke "progress"

Over the last 2 days I have cut both the front and back lawns. In the past (when healthy) these would have taken about an hour. They take much longer now, but at least I managed them. The front lawn was done without a break, whereas last time I had to keep stopping as my stamina was so bad.

The other area where progress is being made is on foods: ALL my foods are now via mouth and the things I eat go down well. Not so liquids like tea and coffee, which are often problematic, even with thickeners.

Walking is also better: I still feel wobbly when moving on my feet, but walking itself is not a problem.

At last there may be some progress on my stomach upset and bad breath issues too: the doctor is doing some tests to see if I have a bacterial infection, once clear of a certain medication I take each morning (until this week). If the result is positive, I can be treated for the infection and hopefully cured of it.

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