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Friday, 4 July 2014

A long solo walk (no stick) , and even a brief run!

Today I ventured out on my longest solo walk: to the local Budgens shop and the chemists. In days gone by, these would have been very easy, but nowadays the walk is a challenge involving crossing roads 6 times.  At one point, crossing the road by the bank I had to RUN across the road as a car came quickly around the corner!  I am pleased to report I made it there and back safely with the shopping from Budgens and medicines from the chemists.

On the way I bumped into our old neighbour (Hilary) and the lady who used to run the post office. It was SO nice to do normal things. Inside I still fell giddy and sick, but everyone says how well I look. If I can sort out my stomach I think I shall feel so much better.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Ex colleague and pupil

Today we caught up at our home with Pat and Cedric Fernandes, from Australia, and Chris Westgarth who lives locally. Pat used  to teach with Lis in the early 1970s.  Chris was an ex-pupil.
Pat with Chris Westgarth today
Cedric and Pat Fernandes with Lis today

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Salcombe planning decisions

In the past few days I have been posting on one of the Salcombe groups on Facebook (SPQR), urging the locals to be proactive in local planning decisions, making sure all applications are 100% legal and in the best interests of the town. It is no use people moaning after everything has been approved.
There are no accusations of past wrongs. Rather I am urging locals to look to the future and make sure everything looks good for the town. In the past several planning decisions were, arguably, not in Salcombe's longer term best interests.

At a recent council open meeting just 3 members of the public bothered to turn up. With apathy like this, they deserve what they get!

Garden looking good

Because of my brain bleed, I have been able to do very little in the garden this year so far.  I am now starting to cut the grass again (our son has been doing this most Wednesdays) , but most flower planting and maintenance has been done by my wife.

I think the garden is looking good. The laurel hedge in the front garden is thickening out now and roses have been colourful.

The garden at our bungalow is a little larger than at our old house. The lawns are about 50% bigger.

If anything, the flower beds here are easier to look after with few weeds blowing in from the fields.

We certainly like our new home and garden and have settled in well.

I am looking forward to the time when I can do a lot more in the garden without getting exhausted.

National debt

Like many in the UK, I get very confused about national debt levels. The Conservatives say debt is falling yet we are now borrowing more than ever. Who is right?  That we as a nation are living beyond our means is an indisputable fact. Personal debt levels in the UK are still very high but less I believe than they once were. It looks like spend under Labour would have been as high or even higher than the Conservatives with their cuts and austerity.
I'd like someone to explain the UK National Debt  to me, preferably without the politics! Are things getting better or worse? 

Sorry about the text colours in this Wikipeadia graph text. Debt interest alone costs us £30billion a year! Staggering.

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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Anglesey Abbey

This afternoon, we had a stroll around the grounds of our nearby National Trust property, Anglesey Abbey.

We sat on a bench under a Manna Ash and just enjoyed the warm summer day. It was a timeless moment.

Visit from Fuzzy

Richard Fusniak called on us today, on the way to feed his son's pigs. We owe Richard a debt of gratitude as it was his good sense that got my wife to take me to Addenbrookes Hospital with my brain bleed in a timely way last September. Any delay and I might be dead now. Here is Richard chatting to me lunchtime today.
Richard Fusniak today