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Monday, 5 January 2015

Our back garden in early January

Our back garden in early January.
At this time of the year, the garden seems asleep and nothing much is happening. Under the soil though, things are stirring. In a few months the gloom of cold winter days will be over, blossom and bulbs will be out and it will again be time to start cutting the grass.

Every season has its pleasure but roll on spring and light evenings!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Canterbury by train

Grandson with some of his paintings.
Today we went by train to see our younger son and his family. The train takes about 2.25 hours each way and we get about 5 hours in Canterbury We could have longer but I find this long enough. Our younger grandson is only 5 but his painting and knitting are both excellent: he has real talent way beyond his years.

Both the young grandchildren, and my wife and I, really enjoyed their dad's cooking. He did an excellent meat and potato pie.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Sociable day

This morning we were invited to neighbours for coffee and this afternoon we went to other friends for  drinks and eats. We are still enjoying the Christmas holidays.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Finding a pile of ancient coins

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Imagine the massive excitement of discovering a massive hoard of ancient coins (estimated value £1M) that has been buried for 1000 years! When the true value is determined I understand the reward is divided between the landowner and the person who discovered the hoard.


This is a photo from our bungalow lounge window of our local, 200 year old, fully restored windmill that is, literally, just over the garden wall. When we eat breakfast we have a great view!

The windmill now sports 4 new sails and when the wind is from the west, they are usually pointing in our direction. Today, the wind was more from a north westerly direction as the sails are in the north west.

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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Bank bonuses

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Having worked for around 40 years and never getting a bonus ever, I was sickened to hear of the huge bonuses recently paid out by the bank Goldman-Sachs. Sorry, but they get paid silly money to be what?

In my opinion, no-one deserves this sort of money.  Like professional footballers, some people earn stupid money to basically gamble our money. I am sure these people lead stressful lives but so do lots of people who never ever get a bonus.

Stroke update

As it is the first day of the new year,  2015, it is time for some new resolutions and a health update. The latter is for me really so I can calibrate future improvements that I hope to see during the year.

Health update
Currently, I have 4 main issues. When walking or doing anything physical I get very tired.  I get giddy when walking. Drinking thin liquids (e.g tea or coffee) is hard and only possible in small sips. My voice is very poor and speaking tires me. I get breathless.  People find me hard to understand.  This is very frustrating as, to me, it sounds loud and clear. Although I am allowed alcoholic drinks, wine tastes sharp and I do not enjoy it. Most food is now OK. I can drive but, by and large, I have only driven locally.  Improvements have slowed considerably in the last 6 months.

  • To do exercises so that when I speak I can be understood;
  • To continue to improve my stamina;
  • To be able to drink wine again;
  • To be able to drink water, tea and coffee normally again;
  • To take a picture for my 365 project daily;
  • To do field experiments on my radio before Easter;
  • To visit the South Hams. Last year was the first time ever I'd not been to Devon.
More than anything, I want to get back to normal health again. 2014 was disappointing as I was hoping to be fully fit again by now.  Perhaps I was being naive and did not realise just how lucky I was to be as good as I am? Anyway, I really hope 2015 will be the breakthrough year.