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Thursday, 16 October 2014

NHS - how to WASTE money

It makes my blood boil!

Over a week ago I agreed by phone to change the date of an operation to remove my stomach PEG because the date given clashed with our grandchildren being here over half term. The lady on the phone was very helpful and changed the appointment to the following week. Not only that, we also agreed that a bed overnight would NOT be needed as my wife would be with me at home on discharge. Imagine my disgust to get a typed letter yesterday from the hospital saying the bed was reserved for 2 nights and the appointment was the original date! Of course I rang up immediately and was told there was a mix-up. They would ring me back. Guess who is still waiting!

Clinical care is good but the NHS seems unable to communicate with anyone effectively. Each year the NHS must waste billions because of rubbish communications. Sorry,but the sooner the NHS sorts out its inefficiencies the better.  Let no-one claim that they can't be better. They can improve and give their "customers" a better experience too.

In private industry I would have SACKED people by now.   There really can be no excuse.

The NHS culture needs to change.

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