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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Immigration (yet again)

The news is full of this here in the UK.  The main issue is that we are powerless to stop mass immigration into the UK mainly from Eastern Europe because we are in the EC and must abide by its rules on free passage of people within the EC.  It is a fact that many Eastern Europeans make first class workers.

I don't have the answers, but feel each and every European country should be able to say who comes and who goes. Some people we need but there are already too many people on our small island. Our population is exploding yet we are powerless. Should we try to get the rules changed? Are we really powerless? Why exactly do so many want to move to the UK?

As climate change kicks in,we are likely to see lots more people from Southern Europe wishing to come here. The current influx is just the start. The way things are going, I suspect we'll be leaving the EC sooner than later. Instead, I hope a solution can be found with the UK still in the EC.

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