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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Local buses

We are supposed to have a service every hour from Burwell into and out of Cambridge. It used to be every half an hour which was good: if you missed one it was not too long to wait for another. On the last 2 occasions the bus has been over 30 minutes late. One is not quite sure whether to keep waiting or get the car out. This is very annoying.

I am told there is an Android app by Cambridgeshire County Council called MyBusTrip that gives real-time data on where buses are.  Perhaps I should get this and only leave the house when the bus is definitely on its way? I allow plenty of time for my weekly U3AC course in Cambridge, but I find the erraticness of our bus service makes people less likely to use them. Surely we should be encouraging local bus use?

UPDATE 1750z:  I have just downloaded the app and must say, so far, I am not that impressed with it.

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