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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Anglian Water - very impressed

Until we had a burst main yesterday and our water was off for several hours, I had no idea that if one needed water for a medical condition, as I do, that one can register to have bottled water delivered if the supply is off for a long period. Anglian Water was very good, ringing me several times during the day. As it happened, our water was back on after lunch at reduced pressure and the burst fully mended early evening. No bottled water was needed.

I have to say I was very impressed with the service and level of care that Anglian Water showed to its customers.

UKIP and European Elections

In a few weeks' time we in the UK vote in the European elections. UKIP is expected to do well, no doubt as an anti-European protest vote. As a voter,  I am still undecided who to vote for, but it will not be UKIP. In my personal view (others may well disagree) UKIP is a single issue party - Europe in or out - and they have failed to demonstrate - to me - any other policies. In my personal view (others may well disagree) UKIP is a bit like a British National Party (BNP) but with enough respectability that ordinary voters can vote for them with a clear conscience.

No, the decision on who to vote for is unclear as yet except it will not be UKIP or the BNP.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Palestine - Israel talks, where next?

See .

Peace talks seem to be deadlocked, yet again, begging the question of just how to get these 2 sides around a single table involved in meaningful discussions on a long term peace settlement.

The sad thing is both sides need this but seem unable to take the bold steps required, especially Israel. The Palestinians are not blame free either. Think how history will remember you if/when you succeed.

Please, cast the past aside and make real peace for once - you know it makes sense. Years of war and  uncertainty does no-one any good. Think about all the benefits a good peace treaty would bring.

More Ukraine

See .

Russia is getting upset by NATO "cold war" behaviour and sanctions - well tough!  Reduce your 40000 troops on Russia's border with Ukraine then. 

The small scale NATO moves are about re-assurance whereas Russian moves are pure threat to a free and independent nation.   Cool it or expect yet more sanctions.  You should have to pay for your intimidating behaviour.

Russian actions belong back in the Cold War days and have no place in a free and democratic world. Russia, act like a grown up and stop throwing your toys out of your pram. I know there are always at least 2 sides to any dispute but Russian actions are plain wrong. This is not the way to air you grievances.

Russia is a great nation that deserves to be treated respectfully, but only if it behaves like an adult nation. Russia is behaving like a spoiled child at present over eastern Ukraine.

I fear for the future of eastern Ukraine: The Russian "inner circle" is still living in the 1970s. The age of the USSR is long gone!

Without water

Isn't it amazing how we get to depend on our essential services? Just after breakfast our cold water went off. Others locally are cut off too. I need water for my syringe (4 loads, 4 times a day)  to keep my fluid intake up ( stroke). Our neighbour phoned the water company who seemed not to know of the issue quoting "4 hours" to fix which sounds like a standard answer and I guess it could be any time! Now told "6 hours" typical for a mains leak, but it could be longer. I have gone on the Anglia Water "Water Care Register" which promises to deliver bottled water if  the supply is disrupted for long periods. You have to be disabled and have a need for regular water as I do (stroke 2L a day).

It is only when water and electric or even the internet goes off you realise just how much we take these essential services for granted. When we first moved last year we had no phone or internet for weeks - what a pain that was!

We are now having to be very frugal with the little water we have - just what is left in the system.

People in rural 3rd world countries have had to be frugal with water and electricity for years and years.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Out this afternoon and MH370 speculation again

This afternoon my wife and I went down the road to friends for a couple of hours. It was nice to "chew the cud" and talk about all sorts of things - to be normal in fact.

At the end we were speculating about flight MH370 again, and we all agreed there was something we are not being told. The rumour mills are working overtime but it is odd that not a single piece of wreckage has been found yet.

One theory is it was shot down and whoever was responsible does not want to own up. The other odd fact is that the USA has been remarkably quiet when the skies are riddled with US spy satellites. Surely, the USA would know where this plane came down? Or did the USA have a part to play in its end?

Has it been secretly landed at a US base in the Indian Ocean? Maybe Diago Garcia? Why no mobile phone traffic at all?  See /news/missing-mh370-latest-air-search-called-off-only-underwater-now-2014-04-28-1.546548.

The Australian PM seems confident the acoustic pings detected in the search area off  W.Australia were from the plane's black boxes.

Lots of questions but, as yet, no answers.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Quakers in the UK

Although not a Quaker, I seem to hold views that almost totally align with them. You may want to read the latest copy of Quaker News which gives a good insight into Quaker ways. See .

The Quakers are to be found working quitely behind the scenes on all sorts of fronts. Their policy of total non-violence is commendable.