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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Health (stroke) update

Lots of people ask how I am doing with my stroke recovery, so here is a summary. I look (externally) much better than I feel inside. Some people who see me think I am back to normal, but external appearances can be deceptive:
  • I am still suffering from balance (giddiness) issues. This an issue when on my feet and moving. When seated it is not an issue. It feels like everything sways and I've had too much alcohol,but I have not touched alcohol since before my stroke last September!
  • I can eat most foods by mouth OK. Some foods are easier than others, preferably softer foods are easiest to eat. Ginsters pasties and Mediterranean vegetables are my current favourites. All my food is now solid and by mouth. No liquid foods taken any more. This is a big improvement.
  • Each day I manage 3-4 drinks (tea or coffee) by mouth. Drinks are still not easy. I take 2 to 2.2 litres of water by my stomach tube each day as well.
  • Stomach discomfort is my biggest issue at present. Currently I am being tested to see if I have an H.Pylori infection. My stomach is "uncomfortable" all my waking hours and this is getting me down. I have the feeling this, and the accompanying bad breath, are not related directly to the stroke. If it is H.Pylori then it should be treatable and I should feel so much better.
  • Although not allowed to drive (although no-one has actually said I can't officially), I now feel able to drive. When seated in the car, I am not giddy and feel in control. This is much better than even a few months ago.
  • Walking is now without any walking aids. Distance is not the issue - it is the giddiness.
  • I am registered disabled (a blue badge holder) and this has been useful.
Overall, improvements have slowed. There are still improvements to be made but I feel these are going to take longer than I expected. I have another MRI brain scan and video fluoroscopy at the end of this month and an ENT (ear, nose, throat) examination near the end of August.

UPDATE 11.7.14 1800z:   For tea this evening I had pork tenderlon, marrow and roast potatoes - perfect! It tasted great and went down well.

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