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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Sanctions against Russia?

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I see the EU and the USA have increased sanctions against Russia. Russia claims these will hurt the west too. They may be right, but Russia has been too lax over events in Eastern Ukraine with its support for the separatists.By now, a thorough investigation into the MH17 jet should have been held, but still the Russians are prevaricating.  By doing so, they are as much as admitting their complicity.

Russia, I am sorry, but the whole world expects better of you than back in the dark days of the USSR and the Cold War. Play by the rules the whole world expects or expect the economic consequences.

This not East versus West.   At present it is Russia versus the whole world.

I agree with greater sanctions if it helps Russia to see how to regain its rightful place at the world's top table as a truly democratic nation. Currently Russia is doing itself no favours at all and thinks it still lives in a pre-1989 world. This is 2014 - times have moved on.

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